Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Heart.... My Soul......

This is my small family..... My lovely husband name is Mohamad Alfian Bin Mohamad Hairan. My lovely kids name's, Mohamad Adam Farihin Bin Mohamad Alfian, 3years and Mohamad Adeeb Fauzan Bin Mohamad Alfian 10months. There's 3 men in my life..... huhuhuhuhu but i'm so happy with them... they were my heart... my soul... they always be my precious things in my life. I love them so much! Happily Ever After!


  1. wah... mama adam ngan adib dah ada blog la.. pasni bley update2 slalu :D

  2. hi dila.. nama anak awak sama ngan anak cik pah.. adeeb

  3. selamat berblogging...hehehehe